Release History

2.4.9Sep 30, 2012Additional toString()s, schema name usage, logging, timestamp, unique ID, table name in Operation exceptions, build with JDK 6.
2.4.8Sep 2, 2010Bug fixes, timezone support, Oracle support improvements, new DataFileLoader, new PrepAndExpectedTestCase
2.4.7Nov 09, 2009Bugfixes and some non breaking refactoring
2.4.6Sep 20, 2009Bugfixes and some database specific additions
2.4.5May 22, 2009Bugfixes and some few additions
2.4.4Feb 24, 2009Bugfixes, some small additions
2.4.3Jan 20, 2009Bugfixes, some small additions
2.4.2Dec 17, 2008Bugfixes, some small additions
2.4.1Dec 03, 2008Updates and bugfixes only
2.4.0Nov 27, 2008Some API changes, features added, bugfixes
2.3.0Sep 11, 2008Some API changes, features added, bugfixes, performance improvements in assertions. See migration guide for additional help
2.2.3May 23, 2008Bugfixing release
2.2.2May 5, 2008Bugfixing release
2.2.1March 17, 2008Another official release after a long, long time...
2.2December 28, 2006First official release in a long, long time...
2.1May 31, 2004Multiple bugfixes and enhancements.
2.0January 22, 2004Major release.
1.5.6October 5, 2003
1.5.5July 16, 2003
1.5.1April 4, 2003
1.5March 1, 2003
1.4July 17, 2002
1.3April 4, 2002
1.2.4March 19, 2002
1.2March 15, 2002
1.1March 10, 2002
1.0Febuary 27, 2002Initial public release.

Release 2.4.9 - Sep 30, 2012

addChange build to use current compiler on path vs 1.4. This is first dbUnit release done with JDK 6. If you encounter problems, please open a bug tracker item. Fixes 3573007. Thanks to jeffjensen.jeffjensen
addAdd toString() methods to AbstractResultSetTable, ForwardOnlyResultSetTable, ScrollableResultSetTable, ColumnFilterTable. Thanks to jeffjensen.jeffjensen
updateFor DefaultPrepAndExpectedTestCase, catch, log, and rethrow all log messages to help with troubleshooting. Tweak log messages. Improve doc example. Thanks to jeffjensen.jeffjensen
fixAdd schema name, if specified, to table name in query in AbstractDatabaseConnection.createTable(). Thanks to jeffjensen.jeffjensen
fixNew Handling of Timestamp in 2.4.8 has error with subseconds Fixes 3071408. Thanks to chrisphe.rlogiacco
fixAbstractDatabaseConnection createQueryTable throws UOEx. Fixes 3132130. Thanks to jeffjensen.jeffjensen
addProvides support for the uniqueidentifier type in Microsoft SQLServer. Fixes 3170998. Thanks to mcpierceaim.jeffjensen
updateTo help troubleshooting, add table name to Operation exceptions: refresh, delete, insert, update. Thanks to jeffjensen.jeffjensen

Release 2.4.8 - Sep 2, 2010

addMSSQL JDBC Driver 3.0 doesn't work well Fixes 3027485. Thanks to Yishai.gommma
fixNPE when setting properties Fixes 3022281. Thanks to wujeksrujek.gommma
fixWrong value for property "datatypeFactory" Fixes 2993712. Thanks to glesatsf.gommma
addAdded driver for Mckoi db. Fixes 2986323. Thanks to luigitalamona.gommma
fixSQL: "Create Domain" ... Data Types are not supported. Fixes 2887115. Thanks to unwissender2009.gommma
addAdditional refinements for Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY datatype Fixes 2875253. Thanks to caseylucas.jbhurst
addAdd timezone support for timestamp data type Fixes 2921131. Thanks to vlamp.jbhurst
addOracleDataTypeFactory recognises "SYS.XMLTYPE" Fixes 2919427. Thanks to dbamberghi (Daniele Bamberghi).jbhurst
addAdd "file loader" utility (DataFileLoader) for various data file types Fixes 2938029. Thanks to jeffjensen.jeffjensen
addAdd new TestCase that supports prepare and expected datasets: "DefaultPrepAndExpectedTestCase" Thanks to jeffjensen.jeffjensen

Release 2.4.7 - Nov 09, 2009

fixdtd for XmlDataSet Fixes 2685615. Thanks to lumpynose.gommma
fixColumn sensing not available for InputStream Fixes 2866150. Thanks to rlogiacco.gommma
fixDatabaseSequenceFilter fails on case sensitive tables Fixes 2741077. Thanks to dnap.gommma
fixDB2 problem with schema names Fixes 2838922. Thanks to matthieus, simon_wu.gommma
fixHandle non-typical characters in xml encoding Fixes 2875262. Thanks to caseylucas.gommma
fixFix integration tests Fixes 2875235. Thanks to jbhurst.jbhurst
fixFK table sorting does not work with cross-schema FKs Fixes 2880113. Thanks to jherico.gommma
updateReplaced reflection-based Oracle data types with static calls Fixes 2876909. Thanks to jbhurst.jbhurst
addAdd support for Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY datatype Fixes 2875253. Thanks to caseylucas.jbhurst
addImprovements to the ant operation task Fixes 2884634. Thanks to ymenager.gommma
addMsSqlDataTypeFactory does not support MS SQL 2005 NTEXT Fixes 2889757. Thanks to carcher.gommma

Release 2.4.6 - Sep 20, 2009

addAdd support for interval type on postgres Fixes 284432. Thanks to JamesR.rlogiacco
updateChanged some verbose logging statements from INFO to DEBUG levelfelipeal
fixDefaultDataSet is incompatible w/ AbstractDataSet's IDataSet Fixes 2797698. Thanks to mkienenb.gommma
fixXlsTable - empty excel columns cause problem Fixes 2818981. Thanks to verreckenk.gommma
addSupport for Postgres' inet types Fixes 2824505. Thanks to agnul.gommma
fixprimaryFilterKey is not always respected Fixes 2823165. Thanks to porkchop009.gommma
fixNullable tinyint on mysql cannot be inserted Fixes 2831696. Thanks to kalpana.gommma
fixUnify dbunit features and properties Fixes 2806016. Thanks to gommma.gommma
addSupport for Postgresql Enum Fixes 2833897. Thanks to user2037.gommma
fixDB2 problem with schema names Fixes 2838922. Thanks to matthieus.gommma
addSupport for Oracle ROWIDgommma
updateAbstractTableMetaData hardcoded dependency on IDataTypeFactory Fixes 2856524. Thanks to jbhurst.gommma
fixNumbers with more than 19 digits cannot be saved in a BIGINT column Fixes 2858410. Thanks to acecacec.gommma
fixSybace - SQLHelper.getDatabaseInfo exception getDatabaseMajorVersion() Fixes 2854788. Thanks to olibye.gommma
addDBUnit support for Netezza database Fixes 2828869. Thanks to amit3011.gommma

Release 2.4.5 - May 22, 2009

addAdd Excel support to Export Fixes 2633859. Thanks to tjstavenger.gommma
fixMySQL - NoSuchTableException Fixes 2658082. Thanks to Bernard Schubach.gommma
addHave DbUnitAssert use JUnit only if present Fixes 2658136. Thanks to ejain.gommma
addOracle BINARY_DOUBLE+BINARY_FLOAT support Fixes 2645688. Thanks to reidmp.gommma
addspecify the schema via the api Fixes 2684042. Thanks to lumpynose.gommma
fixXslTableTest.testDifferentDatatypes() fails (in trunk) Fixes 2783773. Thanks to cyberroadie.gommma
fixBreaking change and likely bug in Fixes 2709501. Thanks to al0.gommma
addSupport for UUID data type Postgresql Fixes 2783531. Thanks to cyberroadie, firsttiger.gommma

Release 2.4.4 - Feb 24, 2009

updateBetter extensibility for XmlDataSetWriter Fixes 2524180. Thanks to gommma.gommma
fixXlsDataSet.write Fixes 2542079. Thanks to kkaz.gommma
fixMysql FEATURE_QUALIFIED_TABLE_NAMES column SQLHelper.matches Fixes 2545095. Thanks to jhattat.gommma
fixoverridden setUpDatabaseConfig not called Fixes 2567724. Thanks to lunatix13.gommma
fixDB2 problem after 2.4 Fixes 2549683. Thanks to chuanghs.gommma
fixMysql Linux metatdata UpperCase Comparison Fixes 2517257. Thanks to jhattat.gommma
fixJTDS Driver causes warning in class AbstractTableMetaData Fixes 2616420. Thanks to ihr-staal.gommma
addAdd DatabaseConnection methods to support PreparedStatements Fixes 1956543. Thanks to jeffjensen.gommma

Release 2.4.3 - Jan 20, 2009

fixSimplify use of custom datatype factory for DBTestCase Fixes 2023994. Thanks to marney.gommma
fixproblem when verifying against an XmlDataSet Fixes 2475264. Thanks to erik.van.zijst.gommma
fixIDENTITY_INSERT : Check for identity column incorrect Fixes 1182289. Thanks to jamapor.gommma
fixpossibly i18n problem Fixes 1537894. Thanks to skuzey.gommma
fixFailureHandler is not propagated to data comparison stage Fixes 2494501. Thanks to rogerrabbitpro.gommma
fixWarning message "PostgreSQL not be supported" Fixes 2486800. Thanks to macha64.gommma
updateshort BLOB are not correctly managed Fixes 1690721. Thanks to cdubet.gommma
fixMySQL AmbiguousTableNameException incorrectly thrown Fixes 2489228. Thanks to xianpants.gommma
addTableName pattern filtering Fixes 1452382. Thanks to akhilss.gommma

Release 2.4.2 - Dec 17, 2008

fixCannot extract contents of table with a column named "AS" Fixes 2356800. Thanks to jeremy_finney.gommma
fixMySQL case sensitive problem in dataset creation Fixes 2382766. Thanks to dacota.gommma
addAdd StringIgnoreCase DataType Fixes 2390557. Thanks to gommma.gommma
fixFEATURE_CASE_SENSITIVE_TABLE_NAMES doesn't work completely (fixed wrong DatabaseConfig property) Fixes 2391757. Thanks to j_zimmermann.gommma
fixorg.dbunit.dataset.datatype.TypeCastException Fixes 2392770. Thanks to kkaz.gommma
fixSLF4J maven dependencies aren't quite correct Fixes 2398926. Thanks to xianpants.gommma
addInclude table name in cyclic dependency exception Fixes 2407106. Thanks to brentplump.gommma
fixInsert fails on Oracle multiple schemas Fixes 2439408. Thanks to claus437.gommma

Release 2.4.1 - Dec 03, 2008

updateUpdated slf4j dependencies to version 1.5.6.gommma
fixNo metadata Tables found Fixes 1628896. Thanks to jeromevdl.gommma
fixOracle problem rel 2.4 in createQueryTable Fixes 2356010.gommma
fixCannot insert table data with self-reference in 2.4.0 Fixes 2370993. Thanks to schedinl.gommma

Release 2.4.0 - Nov 27, 2008

addRefactor Assertion class Fixes 2235876.felipeal
fixWhen comparing empty tables, column info should be ignored Fixes 2198914.felipeal
addAdded "constants" for DatabaseOperation wrappers Fixes 2122413.felipeal returns strongly typed ListOrderedSet instead of a normal Set so that TableDependencyHelper can return tables in correct order. API change.gommma
fixXmlWriter can't write nested CDATA sections Fixes 1628105. Thanks to ozonobon.gommma
fixXMLType Support for Oracle - Again Fixes 1464982. Thanks to woollybarr.gommma
fixQueryDataSet does not cache query results - Implies API change - new method IDatabaseConnection.createTable(String tableName) Fixes 2122773. Thanks to mkejzar.gommma
updateFail-Fast if AmbiguousTableNames found Fixes 2132121.gommma
add[PATCH] Support Oracle SQLLoader files for datasets - refactored the CSV Pipeline infrastructure so that it can be reused for sqlldr files Fixes 1735092. Thanks to stritti.gommma
updateUpdated apache commons-collections from 3.1 to 3.2.1gommma
fixBigDecimal values read by XlsDataSet have wrong precision Fixes 1159489. Thanks to srinirang.gommma
addgive tolerated delta as percentage in floating-point compare Fixes 2148079.gommma
removeRemove commons-lang dependency Fixes 2148099.gommma
updateDbUnitTask#createConnection Fixes 1180734. Thanks to che---.gommma
addFlatDtdProducer does not support Element dataset ANY Fixes 1432308. Thanks to hack.gommma
fixtinyint being ignored Fixes 1344618. Thanks to ianjoyce.gommma
fixDBUnit does not recognise "Unsigned" INTEGER columns Fixes 1194928. Thanks to rahulr.gommma
fixFlatXMLdataSet counts 14 tables instead of 1 table of 14 row Fixes 1063128. Thanks to djocal.gommma
fixBetter reporting of extra columns in FlatXmlProducer Fixes 2163902. Thanks to olegc.gommma
fixBufferedConsumer never cleans _allRows Fixes 2163897. Thanks to olegc.gommma
fixnew SortedTable throws NoSuchColumnException Fixes 2119648. Thanks to powerlord.gommma
fixQueryDataSet does not cache query results Fixes 2122773. Thanks to mkejzar.gommma
fixproblem because tableName is case insensitive Fixes 1214252. Thanks to bilaco.gommma
fixDatabaseSequenceFilter infinite loop on cyclic dependency Fixes 1531883. Thanks to fordfrog.gommma
updatePerformance improvement in Assertions.assertEquals(ITable expected, ITable actual) - Lookup the DataTypes for every column only once and not for every single rowgommma
fixField forgot under insert step - enabled columnSensing feature for ant task when format "flat" is used Fixes 2166291. Thanks to lyrzine.gommma
addNeed a way to NOT pretty format xml Fixes 1196357. Thanks to ips_khanwale.gommma
addAdditional column info also for filtered columns Fixes 2212329.gommma
updateQuerySet docs (includes little refactoring) Fixes 1277038. Thanks to lennymarks.gommma
addadd primaryKeyFilter-Property in ant Fixes 2041400. Thanks to moschen.gommma
addMake configuration elements settable in ant (see 2041400) Fixes 1371813. Thanks to dsyer.gommma
addChoose encoding for ant export task Fixes 1108976. Thanks to matty70.gommma
fixShare transaction with InsertIdentityOp. Fixes 564041. Thanks to james_a_woods.gommma
fixNew Datatype MySqlDataTypeFactory Fixes 1798605. Thanks to gianasista.gommma
addRemove JUnit dependency Fixes 1897627. Thanks to felipeal.gommma
addProvide the complete diff of 2 tables Fixes 2241776.gommma
fixMySqlDataTypeFactory incorrectly maps TinyInt Fixes 2017635. Thanks to paul0al.gommma
fixExcel processing error - update from POI-3.1-FINAL to POI-3.2-FINAL. Date values are read/written as Numeric values for now since the POI Date handling is not consistent (i.e. write Date and read the written Date do not provide equal Date objects). Fixes 2263530. Thanks to alekssokolov.gommma
fixdataset generated with getAllDependentTables contradicts DTD Fixes 2230097. Thanks to stevensa.gommma
fixMetaData get() are Pattern-Like Fixes 1644650. Thanks to j_linz.gommma
updateImprovements on HxxxxDataFactory Fixes 1897620. Thanks to felipeal.gommma

Release 2.3.0 - Sep 11, 2008

fixTrimming is now done on Excel column names to prevent NoSuchColumnException. Fixes 1968640.slecallonnec
fixPatch for Bug #1421590 "Problem in data import if all the columns are not populated" Fixes 1981449. Thanks to gommma.rlogiacco
fixNoSuchColumnException now thrown when column name does not exist. Fixes 1975499. Thanks to gommma.slecallonnec
addPatch: some extra comparison methods for Assertion. Fixes 1969355. Thanks to ymenager.gommma
addAssertion.equals to provide more info about failure Fixes 1966517.gommma
fixStreamingDataSet.toString() now returning default value rather UnsupportedOperationException. Fixes 1636182.slecallonnec
addPerformance optimization getColumnIndex() - Implies API change: new method ITableMetaData.getColumnIndex Fixes 1993243.gommma
addSupport RowFilter on ITable Fixes 1959771.gommma
addsupport for tolerated delta in floating-point comparisons - Implies API change: new method IDataTypeFactory.createDataType(int sqlType, String sqlTypeName, String tableName, String columnName) Fixes 1961269.gommma
addAdded batchSize as a parameter.slecallonnec
addExcel support in Ant task Fixes 1358137. Thanks to rinkrank.gommma
addBad comparison in SortedTable Fixes 1176380. Thanks to easyproglife.gommma
addAdded fetchSize as a parameter.gommma
addReplacementTable - allow fail if value not replaced Fixes 1685474. Thanks to jacobrobertson.gommma
fixFixing erroneous logger.error in BytesDataType.typeCast(). Fixes 2009747.slecallonnec
addRefactoring of column-related methods. Fixes 2004349. Thanks to gommma.slecallonnec
fixTablesDependencyHelper with Oracle schema bug - Implies API change - the constructors of DatabaseConnection throw a DatabaseUnitException if the connection/schema are not valid Fixes 2007635. Thanks to phisf.gommma
addAssertion: replace with ComparisonFailure Fixes 2010546. Thanks to damian_golda.gommma
addAlternative support for CLOB and BLOB in Oracle 11 JDBC Fixes 2010567. Thanks to damian_golda.gommma
fixdatatypeFactory documentation note needed Fixes 1499591. Thanks to loedolff.gommma
fixgetAllDependentTables ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceed Fixes 2014884. Thanks to pasha_z.gommma
fixgetAllDependentTables didn't work with full qualified names Fixes 1746373. Thanks to byte-error.gommma
addAdded constructors to NoSuchColumnException taking table name and column name as arguments - set old constructors to deprecatedgommma
fixException in DTD generation - Implies API behaviour change. DatabaseTableMetaData.getColumns() does not throw a NoColumnsFoundExcepion anymore but returns an empty Column[] when a table does not have any dbunit-supported columns Fixes 1789402. Thanks to jondi.gommma
addAssertion.equals provides more information than just the column count when a column mismatch between expected and result tables was found. All columns are reported so that the user can see immediately which columns are missinggommma
addWrite validation message when the configured IDataTypeFactory probably does not match to the current database system. The validation implicitly takes place when AbstractTableMetaData.getDataTypeFactory() is invoked.gommma
addMaven pom.xml updates: Added ciManagement section, added some plugins for reportinggommma
fixTest error: testExportWithQuerySet Fixes 1497369. Thanks to bascan.gommma
addTopological sorting of tables when exporting Fixes 2012491. Thanks to rpuchkovskiy.gommma
fixUse DataType.BLOB instead of DataType.LONGVARBINARY Fixes 2012495. Thanks to rpuchkovskiy.gommma
fixDbUnit is only JDK 1.4 compatible and not 1.3 (as claimed until now). Several methods are in use that did not exist in JDK 1.3. To build with JDK 1.4 and maven it is now required to set the environment variable JAVA_1_4_HOME to your JDK 1.4 home directory Thanks to rpuchkovskiy.gommma
addUpdate apache POI to latest release (2.5.1 -> 3.1) Fixes 2029693.gommma
fixInserting of clobs fails Fixes 1984596. Thanks to bustuila.gommma
fixmethod getRowCount don't use schema. Fixes 1214234. Thanks to bilaco.gommma
fixColumn count for empty XlsDataSet returns 0. Fixes 1224643. Thanks to bugmenot.gommma
fixValues with newlines cannot be compared with assertEquals. Fixes 948472. Thanks to gmathijssen.gommma
fixInfinite wait in StreamingIterator. Fixes 1031870. Thanks to chadwl.gommma
fixTypes.BOOLEAN not recognized. Fixes 1144269. Thanks to berni123.gommma
add"compare" + "table" tag throw NoSuchTableException - added more information about the cause to the thrown exception. Fixes 1448932. Thanks to palsnagaraj.gommma
fixDTD Creation and Parsing - throw meaningful exception if DTD ELEMENT declaration is missing. Fixes 1339675. Thanks to vanhill21.gommma
addAdded more information in case of a wrong configured DataTypeFactory. Fixes 2059253. Thanks to kornstaedt.gommma

Release 2.2.3 - May 23, 2008

fixMissing License file in distribution jars Fixes 1967969.rlogiacco
fixRemoved redundant and erroneous ERROR logging. Fixes 1925603.slecallonnec
fixMemory leak. Fixes 1955585.rlogiacco
addA warning message is now displayed when rows contain more columns than the first row.slecallonnec

Release 2.2.2 - May 5, 2008

fixEnd of table name cut off when bracketed in FlatDtdProducer Fixes 1953115. Thanks to Mike Norrish.rlogiacco
fixIncompatibleClassChangeError with 2.2.1 Fixes 1926302.rlogiacco
fixjunit jar-file should be JDK 1.4 compatible Fixes 1955929.rlogiacco
fixVersion 2.2-dev, Java 1.4 compatibility issue Fixes 1475565.rlogiacco
fixChanged logger.error into logger.debug when the exception can be disregarded. Fixes 1925603.slecallonnec
fixFixed issue with CLOB datatype in Derby. Fixes 1806363. Thanks to Brian Atkinson.slecallonnec

Release 2.2.1 - March 17, 2008

addAdded SLF4J dependency and logging statementsrlogiacco
fixRemoved JUnit dependency on IDatabaseTester implementations Fixes 1897627.felipeal
addCreated H2 data factory Fixes 1897612.felipeal
addNew point Datatype on MySqlDataTypeFactory Fixes 1798605. Thanks to Vera Wahler.felipeal
fixImprovements on M2 build - Additional files Fixes 1735506. Thanks to Greg Morgan.felipeal
fixNPE in at line 224 Fixes 1849219. Thanks to JensFransson.rlogiacco
fixBug in XmlWriter / escapeXml Fixes 1849165. Thanks to Markus Thielen.rlogiacco
fixDatabase schema with escape pattern doesn't work Fixes 1786425.rlogiacco
fixMisleading error reported by RowOutOfBoundsException Fixes 1712122. Thanks to Chris R. Salch.rlogiacco
fixNPE In InsertIdentityOperation Fixes 1328956. Thanks to Reuben Firmin.rlogiacco
fixDataSourceDatabaseTest does not use setSchema() Fixes 1710743. Thanks to Will Sargent.rlogiacco
fixColumns in ORDER BY Not Quoted Fixes 1637089. Thanks to Chuck Hill.rlogiacco
fixReplacementTable broken for multiple replacements Fixes 1214536. Thanks to Sébastien Le Callonnec.rlogiacco
fixNull pointer exception in FlatXMLDataSet.write(compositeDS) Fixes 1721870. Thanks to Sébastien Le Callonnec.rlogiacco
fixNull pointer exception in FlatXMLDataSet.write(compositeDS) Fixes 1721870. Thanks to Sébastien Le Callonnec.rlogiacco
fixProblem with Oracle 10g Recyclebin Fixes 1459205. Thanks to Sébastien Le Callonnec.rlogiacco

Release 2.2 - December 28, 2006

addEnable TestCase compositions Fixes 1473744. Thanks to Andres Almiray.felipeal
addMigrate SCM to Subversionfelipeal
fixSupport for MySQL 5.0 boolean datatype Fixes 1494257. Thanks to Bas Cancrinus.felipeal
addAdded pom.xml so it can be built by Maven 2. Fixes 1482990.felipeal
addXmlDataSetWriter now has a flag to include column's name as comment.felipeal
addAdded and packages, whose classes can be used to search tables depedencies for a given table. Fixes 1273949.felipeal
addAdd "transaction" attribute to ant tasks to wrap operations in a single transaction. Can make operations faster. Fixes 1264212. Thanks to John Lewis.dep4b
fixTypo in howto example Thanks to Jeremy Frens.dep4b
addProperly support writing NCLOBs to Oracle Thanks to Cris Daniluk.dep4b
addSupport CSV files from a URL (e.g. jar file) + CSV fixes Fixes 1114490. Thanks to Dion Gillard.dep4b
fixFix the driver in classpath/driver not in classpath to always work regardless of configured driver.dep4b
fixTypo in test class AbstractDataSetTest Fixes 1114487. Thanks to Dion Gillard.dep4b
addnew HsqldbDataTypeFactory for working with booleans in HsqlDB. Thanks to Klas Axell.dep4b

Release 2.1 - May 31, 2004

add741394 - New database compare Ant tag. See Ant task documentation.
addNew Comma Separated Values (CSV) dataset implementation.fspinazzi
add824328 & 948479 - Ability to add DOCTYPE declaration when writing a flat Xml dataset. See FAQ.
add884422 - FlatDtdWriter has now the ability to generate DTDs with choice model instead of sequence model.
addAbility to import external file for binary data types like BLOB; the value can be either a qualified URL or a file path name.
updateDo not omit NULL values anymore in INSERT statements. Now only XmlDataSet's tag are omitted. With FlatXmlDataSet you must use the ReplacementDataSet to achieve the same behavior.
fix937732 - XlsDataSet now use UTF-16 encoding to support Asian characters. Patch submitted by Shuhei Kondo.
fixApplied XlsTable empty table detection patch submitted by Deepak Kaimal.
fixAdded back FlatXmlDataSet constructors taking URL as argument missing in version 2.0.
fix918631 & 925585 - Fixed FlatXmlDataSet constructors taking InputStream/Reader for loading DTD.
fixDELETE_ALL operation now deletes tables only *once* in reverse order they are encountered. Before, duplicate tables were resulting in multiple deletes. Patch submitted by John Hurst.
updateDELETE_ALL operation now compatible with StreamingDataSet.
fix947330 - Now closing ResultSet before Statement to fix exceptions thrown by the Firebird JDBC driver and the OpenBase 8.0 JDBC driver.
fix921869 - Fixed ParameterIndexOutOfBoundsException with InterBase.
update947809 - Moved createMetaData() static method from AbstractResultSet to DatabaseTableMetaData and made it public. Can now be used to create ITable from a ResultSet.
fixSupport for large Oracle BLOB. Must use OracleDataTypeFactory.
addOracle LONG RAW data type support via OracleDataTypeFactory. Original patch submitted by Markus Muller.
fixAdded back support for Oracle FLOAT missing in DbUnit 2.0. Must use OracleDataTypeFactory.
addSupport for Oracle NCHAR2 as proposed by Deepak Kaimal. Must use OracleDataTypeFactory.
updateAdded DataType.isDateTime() method proposed by Ayman Mahfouz.
add726366 & 884422 - Added IColumnFilter interface. Can be used to filter out some table columns. See FAQ.
updateRenamed ITableFilter.isValidName() method to accept() to be consistent with the new IColumnFilter interface.
add955354 - Ability to determine the primary keys with IColumnFilter interface instead of DatabaseMetaData.getPrimaryKeys(). Primary keys sequence is not predictable when using filter. See FAQ.
addAbility to plug custom IDENTITY column detection strategy for InsertIdentityOperation when using user defined types. See FAQ.
addAdded DefaultTableFilter class, which combines capability of the Include/ExcludeTableFilter classes.

Release 2.0 - January 22, 2004

updateMavenized the build and the website!
updateNow use SAX2 instead of Electric XML DOM parser. Streamed mode allows importing and exporting very large XML datasets with minimal memory consumption.
addFlat XML dataset validation.
addNew ITableIterator interface used to iterate thru dataset tables. Allows lazy tables initialization for some dataset implementations. The IDataSet.getTables method have been deprecated and usage should be avoided.
updateGlobal System properties are not supported anymore. You must now use the new DatabaseConfig object to alter DbUnit behaviours.
addConfigurable data type factory to easily integrates new data types with the DbUnit core. Factory implementations available for some database vendors. Submit your own!
addOracle TIMESTAMP data type support via the OracleDataTypeFactory.
fixFix truncated Oracle DATE. Must use the OracleDataTypeFactory.
fixFix for Oracle CLOB greater than 4000 bytes. Must use the OracleDataTypeFactory.
addMySQL 'longtext' data type support via the MySqlDataTypeFactory.
addDB2 XML data types support via the Db2DataTypeFactory.
addDatabase views support.
addNew pluggable filter strategies for DataSetFilter. You can now exclude/include tables using wildcard patterns.
addAbility to sort tables by their dependencies with the new DatabaseSequenceFilter strategy.
addNew ReplacementDataSet decorator, which can replace decorated dataset values on the fly. Can be used with flat XML dataset as a new way to specify null values.
addNew XlsDataSet. An MS Excel dataset implementation. Uses the Jakarta POI package.
updateAssertion.assertEquals is now performing typed comparison instead of string representation comparison.
updateINSERT, CLEAN_INSERT and REFRESH operations do not override database default values anymore with null values. Null values are now omitted from insert statements. Operations use multiple prepared statements for the same table, when null values vary from row to row.
updateMoved InsertIdentityOperation to "org.dbunit.ext.mssql" package to be consistent with other vendor extensions. Temporary keep a deprecated copy in "org.dbunit.operation.mssqlserver" to ease transition to DbUnit 2.

Release 1.5.6 - October 5, 2003

fix786543 - NULL primitive values incorrectly returned as zero (0).
fixFix Oracle CLOB values incorrectly returned as NULL.

Release 1.5.5 - July 16, 2003

updateDatabaseDataSet improvements: faster access to metadata cache and keep original database table ordering.
updateBetter handling of the various data types in general. WARNING! New abstract methods have been added to the DataType class. This change may break your environment if you have implemented your own data types.
updateMore efficient XmlDataSet writing. Now put values in CData block only when necessary.
updateDo not enable batched statement by default anymore. Many JDBC drivers have problems with this feature.
fixFixed table name issue with case sensitive database.
fix615636 & 735095 - Incorrect XML encoding. Better handling of the XML encoding while writing and reading XML datasets. InputStream and OutputStream methods in XML dataset implementations are no more deprecated.
fix736439 - Problems with InsertOperation and triggers.
fix736967 - Wrong scale for numeric value with the jConnect driver for Sybase ASE.

Release 1.5.1 - April 4, 2003

fixFixed DELETE operation that was not deleting tables in reverse order as expected.
fix712329 - setObject fails on BEA JDriver for MS-SQL.
updateDbUnitTask DTD export optimization.
updateREFRESH operation optimization.

Release 1.5 - March 1, 2003

fixMultiple bugfixes.
add533321 - DbUnit is now case insensitive.
add555455- Supports table names escaping (see escapePattern property).
add551925 - Allows duplicate table names in datasets. A new method, getTables(), have been added in the IDataSet interface.
add590245 & 684610 - New Reader and Writers methods to read and write XML datasets. InputStream and OutputStream methods are now deprecated.
addNew SortedTable and SortedDataSet decorator classes.
add645691 - Added the nested element in DbUnitTask ant task; used to load the JDBC classes.
addAdded nested element in DbUnitTask . Allows exporting the result of a SELECT as a table of a dataset. See ant task documentation.
addNew Canoo Webtest integration guide.

Release 1.4 - July 17, 2002

addDbUnitTask for Ant contributed by Timothy Ruppert and Ben Cox.
updateMoved the Base64 class to the org.dbunit.util package because Visual Age for Java is not able to handle classes located in the default package.
updateAdded system properties documentation.
update542034 - Detect ambiguous table names.
add542462 - Added a system property to disable usage of batch statement even if the target database support it..
update545238 - Sort tables prior to comparing them. DbUnit now generates an ORDER BY clause in the select statement used by DatabaseDataSet.getTable(). Rows are sorted by primary keys.
update554249 - None column values.
addAdded support for BLOB and CLOB data types.

Release 1.3 - April 4, 2002

addAdded support for binary data types: BINARY, VARBINARY and LONGVARBINARY. Binary data is persisted in xml datasets using the base64 encoding scheme.
updateDeprecated the DataSetUtils.assertEquals() methods. You should now use Assertion.assertEquals().
fix533537 - FlatXmlDataSet and null values.
fix533537 - Problem with single quotes.
fix534810 - Problem when primary key include all columns

Release 1.2.4 - March 19, 2002

addAdded support for multiple schemas per connection. See FAQ document.
removeRemoved element from dataset.dtd. This feature was incompatible with future support for the binary data types.
fix530998 - DataSetUtils.AssertEquals(ITable table, ITable table).
fix533540 - Problem with DATE, TIME and TIMESTAMP.

Release 1.2 - March 15, 2002

addAdded the flat XML dataset format. See the FlatXmlDataSet in Core Components document.
addAdded database data verification feature. See Getting Started document.
updateUpdated Electric XML parser to version 3.2.

Release 1.1 - March 10, 2002

updateConnections are now closed in each setUp() and tearDown(). You must override the DatabaseTestCase.closeConnection() and provide an empty body to modify this behavior. This is not recommended to bypass connection close if you use connection pooling.
addAdded the IDatabaseConnection interface.
addAdded the DatabaseDataSourceConnection class. This class provides support for accessing JDBC connections from a DataSource. JDBC connections are requested on demand from the DataSource.
updateMultiple performance improvement.
fix526235 - Cannot export tables with JDBC-ODBC bridge and MS-SQL.

Release 1.0 - Febuary 27, 2002