Package org.dbunit

Interface Summary
IDatabaseTester This interface defines the behavior of a DatabaseTester, which is responsible for adding DBUnit features as composition on existing test cases (instead of extending DBTestCase directly).
IOperationListener Listener for IDatabaseConnection events.
PrepAndExpectedTestCase Test case supporting prep data and expected data.

Class Summary
AbstractDatabaseTester Basic implementation of IDatabaseTester.
Implementations of IDatabaseTester may use this class as a starting point.
Assertion Provides static methods for the most common DbUnit assertion needs.
DatabaseTestCase Convenience class for writing JUnit tests with dbunit easily.
DataSourceBasedDBTestCase TestCase that uses a DataSourceDatabaseTester.
DataSourceDatabaseTester DatabaseTester that uses a DataSource to create connections.
DBTestCase Base testCase for database testing.
Subclasses may override DBTestCase.newDatabaseTester() to plug-in a different implementation of IDatabaseTester.
Default implementation uses a PropertiesBasedJdbcDatabaseTester.
DefaultDatabaseTester Default implementation of AbstractDatabaseTester, which does not know how to get a connection by itself.
DefaultOperationListener Default implementation of the IOperationListener.
DefaultPrepAndExpectedTestCase Test case base class supporting prep data and expected data.
JdbcBasedDBTestCase TestCase that uses a JdbcDatabaseTester.
JdbcDatabaseTester DatabaseTester that uses JDBC's Driver Manager to create connections.
JndiBasedDBTestCase TestCase that uses a JndiDatabaseTester.
JndiDatabaseTester DatabaseTester that pulls a DataSource from a JNDI location.
PropertiesBasedJdbcDatabaseTester DatabaseTester that configures a DriverManager from environment properties.
This class defines a set of keys for system properties that need to be present in the environment before using it.
VerifyTableDefinition Defines a database table to verify (assert on data), specifying include and exclude column filters.

Exception Summary

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